Multicultural Day 2021 



 Welcome to Dapplegray Elementary School Virtual Multicultural Day 2021! 

We are so excited to invite all the Dapplegray Students and Families to our different and unique cultures today.  By clicking below listed links, you will experience a virtual trip to different countries, and learn a lot of fun facts, foods, and customs of each country.

You can also join some of the Live Zoom Sessions to learn a special lesson for each country. You will need to sign up in advance to join Zoom Sessions.   Please watch prerecorded videos and join as many zoom sessions as you can so you can complete the “DG Secret Flag Quiz.” Submit completed Secret Flag Quiz to  The first student in each grade to submit the correct answers will win a prize!  

Let’s enjoy virtual trip around the world!!!


Natsu Haga,
Multicultural Day Chair


AUSTRALIA   Live Zoom Sessions presented by Mrs. Craig
Join us to learn a little about the "Land Down Under" and chat about Australia's history, culture, food and animals!
Zoom Session: 1:00, 1:15,1:30,1:45pm
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BULGARIA & GREECE  Pre-recorded video by the Ordoulidis family- Anelia
Ordoulidis (a proud DG parent), Sophia (1st grade), Zoey(soon to be Colt)
Welcome to the Balkans! Join us to learn about the beautiful Bulgaria and Greece! We are excited to introduce you to the location, flag, language, and culture of these two wonderful European countries! Join our Greek-Bulgarian culinary workshop! Looking forward to welcoming you to the world of Bulgaria and Greece!

COSTA RICA   Pre-recorded Video presented by Trinity Williams (5th), Judy
Williams & Virginia Ortega in Costa Rica!  Video editor Michelle Thibodeaux  Ojo tuanis Costa Rica 
EGYPT Pre-recorded Video presented by JaydenGrisard (1
st) & Mrs. Mary Boktor- Grisard Ahlan wa Sahlan! Egypt is a beautiful country in North Africa with a very rich history. We will be sharing some fun facts about Egypt as well as two popular and favorite foods.

FRANCE  Live Zoom Sessions presented by Mrs.Coster  (Clemy,3rd)
Bonjour et Bon Appétit!  France is located in Europe and is especially known for its capital Paris and its amazing cooking! So let's learn together how to cook a traditional parisian dish called "croissant au jambon" (ham croissant). You will then be able to share it for dinner with your family! A little taste of France on your plate ...
Ingredients needed : ham (or turkey) (4 slices), grated cheese (1 cup), crescent rolls (a tin - I use the Trader Joe's one) - parchment paper or baking sheet.
Zoom Session: 1:00, 1:15,1:30,1:45pm

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GERMANY Google Slide Presentation presented by Mrs. Lloyd (Harrison, 3rd)
Join Mrs. Lloyd on a journey to learn all about Germany! You will learn about its location and famous landmarks, cultural foods, clothing, interesting facts and even learn how to speak some German words through video and song! You will also get to listen to some of your favorite children’s stories read to you in German! I hope you enjoy learning all about Germany through my Google Slide presentation! Danke schoen!  Thank you!

GHANA  Pre-recorded Video presented by Aiden Oduro (1st) and his Dad, Sammy.
Akwaaba! Come learn about some facts and drums from Ghana and West Africa!


INDIA Pre-recorded Video presented by, Ritvik(1st), Amelia (1st), Asher (1st), Sihi  (1st) and Anisha (2nd)
Namaste! India is a beautiful country with a rich heritage. In this video, we will highlight topics that contribute to India's diversity including prominent festivals, historical landmarks, art, culture, food and accomplishments. We will also have a short dance to showcase Garba, a regional dance performed during the festival of Navratri


ISRALE Pre-recorded Video presented by Ellie & Kuba Moran

Ellie & Kuba Moran discuss the country of Israel, from their balcony in Israel!  Listen in to hear about this small country located on the Mediterranean Sea!!

JAPAN  Pre-recorded Video presented by Clair(5th) and Yosakoi Girls = Rin (5th), Yuika (5th), Saya (3rd) & Misaki (3rd) 
KONNICHIWA and welcome aboard! Japan (Tokyo) is located at 5,487 miles away from Los Angeles. Japan is a very small country but so much to see from old samurai and ninjya to latest anime and cartoons. The flying time to Japan is about 11 hours from Los Angeles. Before takeoff, we will be showing the highlighted video of Japanese tradition followed by Japanese dance. Please fasten your seatbelt for takeoff. Sit back, relax and enjoy our flight to Japan!

JAPAN  Live Zoom Sessions provided by by Mrs.Appel (Leena, 2nd)
Let's write in Japanese! Do you know Japanese has three types of characters? We are going to pick a couple of words and write them.  Hope you can Join us. Zoom Session: 1:00pm, 1:15pm  
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MEXICO Pre-recorded Video presented by Yvette Gallardo D'Elia
¡Hola! Mexico is our Southern neighbor with a rich heritage. In this video, we will highlight some of Mexico’s cultural history and learn how to make a mini piñata!


PHILIPPINES Pre-recorded Video presented by Sierra Hoxie (2nd) and her mom Floriza
Philippines! Tropical islands in South East Asia!


PHILIPPINES  Live Zoom Sessions presented by Sierra Hoxie (2nd) and her mom Floriza
Join us to learn about Philippines and Tagalog Language!
Zoom Session: 2:00pm, 2:30pm  
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SOUTH KOREA  Pre-recorded Video presented by Onew (K), Ryan (K), Jaren (3rd), Annabelle (3rd), Ethan (K) & Louise (2nd)
Take a look and discover South Korea. Your friends will show the location, national flag, traditional costume, language, and culture of Korea. The more you know, the more you'll love it!!


SWEDEN  Pre-recorded Video presented by Anika Wijenayake, Rebel and Jon WarrenSweden.

Lots of things come to mind when you hear the name of the country. Birth place of Ikea, H&M, Volvo, and ABBA to name a few. We are looking forward to sharing some of the customs and traditions as well as a few things you may not know about this beautiful Scandinavian Country. One fact Sweden and Switzerland are totally different countries! Grab a baked good and a beverage to learn something new over a quick Fika. Tack!

TAIWAN Pre-recorded Video presented by Rylan Huang (3rd) and his mom Ms. Betty Liu

In this video you will get to learn a bit about how a very popular drink started in Taiwan. It is now enjoyed around the world and has many variations! Learn to make it yourself at home.

UNITED KINGDOM  Pre-recorded Video presented by Emma Vickers (Age 13), Thomas McCourt (Age 18), Nyah Lambert (5th) and Mr McCourt (Age 55). 
Welcome to the United Kingdom! London is located 5,448 miles away from Los Angeles and it takes approximately 10.5 hours to fly there, depending on wind speed. The UK is known for historic architecture, the hustle and bustle of the cities and is famous for its green parks, woodlands, moors and hills, mainly due to all the rain!  Emma and Thomas will help you understand more about London and Scotland.  Mr McCourt (Thomas’ dad is excited to share some information about inventors).  Nyah has decided to share something about food in England. Enjoy the images of London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales) and Belfast (Northern Ireland).  We hope you get to visit these beautiful cities in the future!

ZIMBABWE Live Zoom Sessions provided by Simon and Anna Littleford (Claire & Paige, 1st)
Mauya Zimbabwe!  Come learn about the people, customs and natural resources of Zimbabwe. Come along on a virtual safari drive to meet the “Big 5” and other wildlife that live in Hwange National Park.
Zoom Session: 2:00pm, 2:15pm, 2:30pm, 2:45pm
Reserve your spot at :