Bylaws and Standing Rules

A vote to adopt the following changes to the bylaws of the Dapplegray Elementary PTA will take place at the association meeting on January 12, 2021.
DATE OF MEETING:   January 12, 2021
TIME:  The business of the unit will begin at 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION:  via Zoom
          Bylaws Article V, Section 12, Revise to "first president" notifies of vacancies, not Executive Vice President.  
Rationale:  The EVP is usually considered for the president position if it is vacant so it is reasonable to have the first president be the person to notify the vacancies. 
          Bylaws Article S.R., Section 6- Addition of additional check signers as EVP and First Vice President.
Rationale:  It is better to have an additional signer on account per recommendation of council.

Bylaws Article S.R., Section 7, Remove "handwritten in" location and time of association meetings.

Rationale:  It causes a lack of flexibility for the time and place of our meetings.  With it in there, the board and association would have to vote change the meeting.  In the current situation where you are not meeting on campus, the board and association would have to have voted to not meet in the MPR.  If we decide to have an evening meeting, the association would need to vote to not hold a meeting at 8:45 a.m. 

Bylaws Article S.R., Section 11- Revision to show executive board to meet monthly (instead of every other month as handwritten in) 
Rationale:  CAPTA requires that the board meet monthly.

Bylaws Article S.R., Section 13- Revision of authorized expenditures to $500 not $1000.
Rationale: The $500.00 amount in the S.R.s is set by Calif State PTA (CAPTA).  

Bylaws Article S.R., Section 17- Remove 5th grade promotion and gifting chair standing committees and add room parent chair to standing committee. 
Rationale: The room parent chairs work all year long as a committee.