A vote to adopt the following changes to the bylaws of the DAPPLEGRAY PTA will take place at the association meeting in MAY 2023.
TIME:  The business of the unit will begin at  9am.
LOCATION:  Dapplegray Elementary School
Bylaw Changes
List of Amendments for changes:
· Page 3 -- Bylaws --  ARTICLE IV, SECTION 4a. --  Current: twelve dollars $12.00 -- Change to: "fifteen dollars"  and "$15.00" -- already done using e-Bylaws 
· Page 16 -- Standing Rules # 7 --  Current: the phrase "in the Dapplegray MPR at 8:45 a.m." -- Change, becomes (re-numbered from CA PTA, SR #6)-- Change to: Delete the phrase, "in the Dapplegray MPR at 8:45 a.m." 
· Page 17 -- STANDING RULES #17 -- Current: contains the phrase "5th Grade Promotion" -- Change to: Delete the phrase "5th Grade Promotion" 
Changed or deleted-- mandated by CA PTA:
· Page 11 --  Current Bylaws --  ARTICLE IX, SECTION 2:  For the election of council officers this Association, if in good standing, shall be entitled to be represented by the president or his or her alternate and one delegate for every fifty  (50) members or fraction thereof with a maximum of seven (7) delegates.  Delegates shall be appointed at an Association meeting at least thirty (30) days prior to the Council election meeting.  
o New: deleted/crossed out by CAPTA
· Page 16 -- Check Signers in the old SR # 6 is deleted and is re-numbered. (please see my previous email).  The Check signers are now in the new Bylaws,  ARTICLE VI -- DUTIES OF OFFICERS AND CHAIRS, SECTION 4.
· Page16 -- Current STANDING RULES #11:   Executive Board Meeting Date --- Executive board meetings shall be held on the fourth Monday of each every other month during the school year.  
o New will be numbered as SR # 10: Executive Board Meeting Date --- Executive board meetings shall be held on the fourth Monday of each month during the school year.   --  Standard from e-Bylaws system and  mandated by CA PTA.

Current Bylaws and Standing Rules