Social Media Policy

Dapplegray PTA Social Media Policy

The Dapplegray PTA Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter pages/sites are run and operated by the Dapplegray PTA for the purpose of communicating to current Dapplegray families about Dapplegray events and programs and helpful information for Dapplegray families.

To maintain privacy of our current Dapplegray students, all current parents and guardians, current and former teachers, staff, and PVPUSD district personnel, and current Dapplegray PTA members are eligible to join the Dapplegray Facebook page. 

All PTA social media posts must be respectful, truthful, discreet, and responsible. Posts must be noncommercial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan according to California PTA policies.

Anyone violating a rule can be immediately banned from this group.

Any posts, comments, and/or members are subject to removal from the group for a violation of the rules listed below. If you want to be sure something is ok, re-read these rules or send a private message to one of the administrators. Respect other members and admins and treat each other as you would have them treat you.

Administering Dapplegray PTA Social Media Sites:
The PTA President, Executive Vice-President, and Vice-Presidents of Communication are responsible for approving material. If there is any concern or question about a post, please consult the PTA President for guidance.

Content on PTA social media:
·       Posts should be PTA (Dapplegray and Palos Verdes Council of PTAs) and Dapplegray Booster Club related. Approved posts include: posts that highlight special events, programs, PTA, Booster Club, and school deadlines, PEF information, community events, community sports leagues, community non-profit organizations that benefit kids, and other information of interest to PTA.
·       Posts should not be related to personal business endeavors of site members.
·       We will not allow Hate Speech (against race, religion, sexual preference, basically anything), Bullying, or Trolling.
·       NO Religious or Political Posts
·       Anyone disparaging Dapplegray teachers, government officials, or healthcare workers during this crisis will be banned.

Others posting on PTA social media:
Since PTA allows public comments or postings, PTA site administrators will regularly monitor the site and decide what is appropriate. Inappropriate or off topic comments will be deleted. The PTA can decide to delete any comment or post it chooses. Continual offenders can be banned from the page.

Please follow these guidelines when commenting on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram site:

Be relevant - Be respectful - Be honest - Be discreet - Be responsible

Be Relevant: Stay on topic. This page is about Dapplegray Elementary School. Please do not post political, religious, or commentary not related to our school.
Be Respectful: Keep things civil. Avoid abusive or offensive language, threats, hate speech, libels, and calls for violence. And don’t make jokes about the misfortune of others. Keep comments positive and thoughtful rather than reactive.
Be Honest: Use your real name. Don’t post commercial messages. Don’t publish copyrighted material that belongs to someone else.
Be Discreet: Don’t publish telephone numbers, addresses, or other personal information about yourself or others.
Be Responsible: Think about what you write before posting. Users are solely responsible for what they post.