Diversity Equity and Inclusion Mission, Vision, and Value Statement

The Dapplegray Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee believes that diverse
life experiences and perspectives enrich our school and community. Our mission is to
facilitate understanding of these experiences and perspectives, outreach and include
those who have historically been underrepresented, and make changes to ensure all feel
welcome and valued for who they are.

The Dapplegray DEI Committee will carry out its mission by asking questions,
self-reflecting, having courageous conversations, and teaching, modeling and
encouraging our children to be more equitable and inclusive.


Diversity: we value each individual for who they are—their race, age, class, ability,
ethnicity, gender, learning style, national origin, religion, sexual orientation and the vast
ways in which they intersect.

Equity: removes barriers so that all Dapplegray students and community members are
valued and encouraged to participate and contribute as their authentic selves.
Inclusion means that each person feels welcomed, a sense of belonging and support
from our larger community.

Safety: guarantees that each child, family member and caregiver feels safe to participate
and contribute in all school activities.

Cultural Visibility: ensures that our students, families and caregivers are represented in
the curriculum, books and stories, extra-curricular activities and social media.

Cultural Humility: acknowledges that we are limited in our understanding of other
individuals’ culture and perspective. We adopt a humble and respectful attitude
towards each individual which allows us to learn about them while challenging our
assumptions and biases.

Authenticity: allows us to share honestly and vulnerably. It also means that we are
open to being uncomfortable, wrong and willing to change.